Photocopy papers in Kenya

Photocopy papers is probably the most used papers in Kenya. The paper is commonly referred to as copy papers or A4 printing papers locally. In Kenya, the copy papers are used by schools, universities, colleges, business and companies and indeed copy shop, print shop and commercial printing companies in Kenya.

Although copy paper is consumed more than any other paper locally, funny enough these papers are imported from Egypt, India, south Africa, china among other Europe countries.

General Specification of photocopy papers in Kenya

  • Commonly white colour, but available in other colors as well.
  • Brightness is between 90-104% depending on the brand and manufacturer
  • Material is often 100% wood pulp; however, this may vary depending on the country of origin and paper manufacturer
  • Standard Size iA4, A3, 8.5×11,8.5×14
  • Weight 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm
  • Packing is often 500 sheets per ream, 5 reams per carton(box) although a few manufactures of copy papers pack different


Photocopy papers in Kenya / available  brands

There several brands of copy papers available in Kenya. Although others are common and known we continue to have new brand every day. Here are some of the brands: jk copy papers, mondi,gold star,trion,chamex,epaper,a one,paper one,hp papers, among others.


List of photocopy suppliers in Kenya

There is a number of trusted copy suppliers in Kenya, the list is long however, this article will only mention a few. As mentioned earlier, it is good to note, copy paper is not manufactured in Kenya and instead it is imported. A few companies have a locally brand but this can not be equated as locally manufactured. Here are lit of copy paper suppliers in Kenya


Top Suppliers of photocopy papers in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

  • Safari stationer

Industrial area

  • Eneeco papers

Industrial area

  • International paper and boards supplies

Off north airport road, behind hebatuallah

  • Double white lined stationers

Nairobi, cbd

  • Ruth mart

Nairobi town

  • Express stationers

Nairobi cbd

  • Eagle industries

Nairobi cbd

  • Noble agencies

Nairobi cbd

  • Ngariama stationers
  • Lijaque stationer
  • Mimax stationer
  • Print store

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Quality of a Good copy paper / Photocopy Papers

There is a number different brand of copy papers in Kenya, from different manufacturers. With this in mind, not all copy papers are the same in term of quality.  Best copy paper should be to meet the below Key performances


  1. The paper should not jam in photocopy, printer or printing machine
  2. It should be able to feed properly without double feed
  • The photocopy copy papers should be able to stay flat after copying or printing without shrinking or curving.
  1. A good quality copy paper should not Leave no dust in the printer or copying machine
  2. The paper should not bloat the ink after printing, writing or copying


Copy Papers Prices in Kenya / photocopy papers in Kenya

The copy of photocopy papers varies from time to time. However, depending on the brand and quantity ordered and importation charges which vary from time to time. this is just an averages prices based on march 2020 .

Retail:  Ksh 350 – 500 per ream (location affect the price as well) ,

Wholesale: Ksh 310 – 345 per ream.


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Lastly, a good copy papers should be able to operate on severally printers smoothly. Whether it is Photocopying Machines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machine of offset machine should be able to adopt perfectly.


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